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Stairwell Pressurisation System

Pressurisation systems are used to protect a stairwell from smoke ingress by combining air injection to the area to be protected, pressure relief to avoid overpressure and air release from the adjoining fire area to release air and smoke.

The combination of these three elements will create a positive pressure in the stairwell and lift lobby, preventing these areas from filling up with smoke.

Based on the scope of works, Delta are able to provide expert advice at the tender stage which can result in the most cost-effective solution, whilst ensuring all proposals comply with current industry standards and regulatory requirement.

  • Air Inlet fan assemblies to suit duty required by the fire strategy. These include all mounting plates, fan ancillaries and ductwork if necessary
  • Opposed blade dampers for stairwells, including a range of termination grilles available in many colours and finishes
  • Weathered external ventilators, suitable for fan arrangements termination or head of stairwell mechanical ventilation
  • Pressure relief dampers to avoid overpressure of the system
  • MCC Control panels, Automatic Transfer switches, HMI touchscreen panels and all associated control units to facilitate integration with BMS, fire alarms and manual override when necessary


  • Maintains escape routes and common areas free of smoke
  • Protects the building’s occupiers during evacuation
  • Facilitates accessibility for fire brigade operations
  • Delays further fire development and flashover
  • Reduces damage to the building and its contents


  • BS 9991: 2011 – Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings
  • BS 9999: 2008 – Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings
  • BS EN 12101-6: 2005 – Specification for Pressure Differential Systems
  • BS 5588 – 4: Code of practice for smoke control using pressure differentials
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