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Mechanical Smoke Shaft

Mechanical smoke extract systems are often required where a natural ventilation solution is impracticable.

One of the main benefits of a mechanical extract system is the possibility of estimating accurately its performance, as it will extract a certain volume of air in a consistent manner, and comply precisely with any given fire strategy.

In addition, mechanical smoke shafts can often be utilised not only as a life safety system, but also as a dual function to allow common areas to be ventilated in day-to-day use.

Depending on the scope of works, Delta are able to provide expert advice at the tender stage which can result in the most cost-effective solution, whilst ensuring all proposals comply with current industry standards and regulatory requirement.


  • Smoke extract fan assemblies to suit duty required by the fire strategy. These include all mounting plates, fan ancillaries and ductwork if necessary.
  • Smoke evacuation dampers for lobbies and corridors, including a range of termination grilles available in many colours and finishes.
  • Weathered external ventilators, suitable for fan arrangements termination or head of stairwell mechanical ventilation.
  • MCC Control panels, Automatic Transfer switches, HMI touchscreen panels and all associated control units to facilitate integration with BMS, fire alarms and manual override when necessary.


  • Maintains escape routes and common areas free of smoke
  • Protects the building’s occupiers during evacuation
  • Facilitates accessibility for fire brigade operations
  • Delays further fire development and flashover
  • Reduces damage to the building and its contents


  • BS 9991: 2015 – Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings
  • BS 9999: 2017 – Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings
  • BS EN 12101-1: 2015 – Specification for Smoke Barriers
  • BS EN 12101-2: 2015 – Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators
  • BS EN 12101-3: 2015 – Specification for Powered Smoke and Heat Exhaust Systems
  • BS EN 12101-6: 2005 – Specification for Pressure Differential Systems
  • BS EN 12101-8: 2011 – Smoke Control Dampers
  • BS EN 12101-10: 2005 – Power Supplies
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