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Multifunction Smoke Ventilator Solution

The Eura-R is the solution where permanent ventilation is required during inclement weather, for instance with industrial buildings. This is a variation of the standard Eura with the addition of side dampers.

The Eura-R extracts large volumes of smoke, utilizing the buoyancy of hot gases in the rising plume. Natural day-to-day ventilation is driven by pressure differences to move fresh air through the building.¬†Pressure differences are caused by wind or the buoyancy effect created by temperature differences commonly known as the “stack effect”.

The Eura-R is available with a variety of louvre types including insulated aluminium, clear and opaque polycarbonate, either electrically or pneumatically operated and different base options for fixing onto roof sheeting or upstand.


  • Weathered ventilation
  • Efficient extract


  • Manufactured to NEN-EN-ISO9001
  • Tested and certificated BS EN 12101


  • Mill Finish
  • Polyester Powder Paint


  • Pneumatic
  • Electric


  • Length - 940mm to 3360mm
  • Width - 600mm to 2220mm


  • Bird Guard
  • Insect Guard


  • Onto Roof Sheet
  • Onto Upstand
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