Computer design

Smoke Ventilation drawing

Design drawing

Design Solutions

Delta offer a complete design service for smoke ventilation and fire ventilation systems, backed by PI Insurance for:-

  • Natural and powered smoke shafts
  • Automatic Opening Ventilators (AOV's)
  • Means of Escape & Fire Fighting Staircase Smoke Air Ventilation
  • Pressurization
  • Underground Car Park Ventilation
  • Combined Day to Day and Smoke Air Ventilation schemes
  • SHEV's for Commercial and Industrial buildings

All designs are carried out to comply with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, in accordance with European and British design standards.

Natural ventilation has come to the fore in building design in recent times, as it provides a sustainable solution to ventilation needs.

It provides both day-to-day ventilation and smoke air ventilation in a fire scenario without consuming power.

CFD Smoke Modelling

Delta Ventilation have extensive experience in CFD modelling of fires and smoke movement and work closely with Fire Safety Engineers to provide practical solutions which fulfil client requirements within the built enviroment.

CFD Smoke Modelling
CFD Smoke Modelling
CFD Smoke Modelling examples